Copper Dragon Wyrmling Female


Size T
HP 34

line of acid or slow gas: 2d4 DC 13 ref for half (if acid) or fort to avoid being slowed


Gaul-Jalan goes just about everywhere Jenit goes, she is often seen playing in the reactivated acid pool, or practicing her breath weapons (the acid gets practiced on bundles of sticks/grass and the slow gas gets practiced on Jenit herself, or on Jenit’s dog). Like all copper dragons she likes to play pranks and sometimes those pranks include using her slow gas on one of the other people in the citadel, but she never uses her acid breath unless provoked or if she thinks it is helpful (sometimes she uses her acid on a knot instead of waiting for it to be untied, or she uses it on rats and other vermin if she sees them)


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