The Last of the Dragons

To the Astral Sands

You are so silly, Tac, of course I can’t trust Kellie. She is a soul eating monster, but she’s protected me and my friends often enough that if she says she needed to steal my soul at that particular time, I will go along with it. I’ll never leave her alone with Gaul, or my mother, but if my life is in danger I know she’ll do what needs to be done to keep me alive.

We did make it to the temple, actually. It’s kind of a funny story there. The priests are the ones who told us about the slavers… and the slavers are the ones who turned me to stone… and the priests are the ones who turned me back.

Actually, now we’re sort of at another temple. Do you remember the stories my dad used to tell us about where I came from? This temple is sort of from there, too. Now I owe them a favor… a few of them. OK, a lot of them. Look, I didn’t have a choice, OK? I walked into the temple, not even knowing what it was and when I tried to leave they restored my size. Then as we were outside, preparing to leave we were attacked and somehow this portal opened and I was paralyzed. Earth elementals started pouring out and my friends were getting hurt. I didn’t know what to do, and I think the priests in the temple must have “helped” because they sent me and Sasha to the Astral plane, where we made quick work of the elementals, but I was seriously injured (no doubt due to my paralysis). Sasha took me to Mishgralor, a Githzerai city, where I was treated for my injuries and made friends with a man named Retholien. We spoke at great length about the work I’d like to do and he became very interested and agreed to join my cause as my retainer/steward/adviser.

Why would you ask if I will visit the canyon? Of course I will. Soon. As soon as my work is done. I am Countess of the Canyon, I can not just leave my lands unattended. There is a lot of work to be done if I am going to turn our village into a thriving metropolis and impregnable fortress. When I am Dragon-Empress, Tac, you’ll see. The world will be better and you will be Prime Consort.


I am glad to hear that you plan to return to the canyon and return it to glory. I am also excited to hear that you got to see a place similar to your birthplace. The Githzerai are a great race of melee combatants is your new retainer a noble Githzerai monk? I apologize if I sound pushy in wanting you to return to me, I just miss you so. We have done much work in your absence to build fortifications and better defenses around the town. We may be sending an envoy to the forest to find someone to train us to make great defensive structures.

To the Astral Sands

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