The Last of the Dragons

The Hex Tower

Dearest Tac,

Remember I told you we went to a village? Well, the village was only five buildings, but they were huge! The shorter ones were fifty feet tall and at the center of the little town was a massive tower! It was 300 feet tall if you can believe it! It would have stuck right out of the top of the canyon.

The ground, though, was really weird. There was this thick fog hanging around our ankles and there were dead bodies everywhere. Not a single sign of life anywhere in the entire village until we checked the smithy. Then this… mouth… with legs! attacked us. We killed it pretty quickly, but the girl with a tail (Sasha) thought it was weird that the mouth hadn’t eaten the bodies outside, if it had been what killed them. So we assumed it WASN’T what had killed everyone and kept up our search.

The tower itself was extraordinary. First, I convinced the door that I was its new owner and gained access. I own a 300 foot tall tower, Tac, how about that? Then, you’ll never guess what was inside! Glyphs! Magical summoning glyphs! That summon a talking rabbit! How cool is that? I admit, though, the rabbit is pretty damned annoying. Still neat, though.

So we continued up the tower a ways and eventually we found some demons that had been summoned. I guess they had been hoping to catch us unawares, but some of these guys are damned perceptive. Don’t worry, though, we killed the demons.

I could feel some taint nearby, though, so I proceeded with caution and we continued up the tower. Sitting on the dining room table was a pair of bracers, they seemed kind of neat, but as I got close to them I could tell they were the source of the taint.

I continued on, but the group decided they wanted to keep the tainted bracers, so, being the taint expert I decided I would hold on to them for the moment.

The next floor up contained a pool of acid with another item in the center. I collected the acid in several glass vials for future use and then the creepy little girl climbed up the wall (did I mention that she is creepy? Yeah, I saw her sword eat some dudes’ souls. Yes, creepy as fuck) and activated a device that drained the acid. They got a rod out of it, I think the elf naiad boy took it. He really is very pretty, it is almost a shame he prefers to play with rods.

I’m just teasing, love, but my magic definitely messed me up pretty soon after that.

So, we kept climbing and found a crystal prison hanging in the center of a room, the creepy girl and I smashed it and freed a Xorn, who was surprisingly NOT very grateful. Oh well, I guess some creatures never learned manners. We kept climbing and, again, encountered some demons. And here is where my magic fucked me up.

I want to apologize in advance for what happened to me. I poured my magic into a powerful blast at the most powerful of the demons (which was actually, I’m told, a devil), but because it WAS so powerful I had to draw a lot of the taint through me. It really messed me up, Tac, I might never get better.

I have become magically shrunk. I am so small now. I know I was always small, but I am so much more so now. I do not know if you will still love me now that I am small. Also, I have another confession to make, and I blame this entirely on the taint. For a time, I had fallen in love with the Devil/Demon. I am not proud of it, but I can not change what happened. Only try to learn from it, I suppose.

I actually died in that fight, my soul had left my body and begun its journey to find my mother when I heard a warm, kind voice say “not yet” and suddenly I awoke back in my body just in time to watch the rest of the group open the final door in the tower. It led to the mage’s bedchamber. From it came a presence. I do not know how else to describe it, except that nobody could see it, but we could sense its passage until it attacked me.

As I spun about to face it I felt my terror rise as I looked up at the Shadar-Kai who had attacked our village. Having little other choice, and seeing that everyone else’s abilities had proven useless I took hold of all the acid I had collected. I smashed every vial I had on the bastard that killed our friends. I watched him melt to goo before my eyes. His puddle, however, had one more secret to tell. For after he had melted a copper battleax, in the same style as my own, called out “my daughter” in my mother’s voice. I could not believe it! My mother is alive, Tac! She’s alive and I have her with me!

I am so excited to have her back.


I wish you would be more careful while you are out with these strangers. Does the creepy girl have a name? Maybe you should stay away from her, or at least avoid her until you know more about who she really is? Are you planning to stay in your tower? Will you never be returning to me and the canyon my love? Remember that I will always love you no matter how short or tall you become… How short exactly have you become? I am happy to hear that you finally got to confront the one that killed our friends. Are you sure he is dead, people like that seem to have a habit of surviving against all odds. Hope to hear from you again soon!

The Hex Tower

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