The Last of the Dragons

Stolen and Stoned

Dear Tac,

Your concern is touching, but you know I can handle it. The taint really isn’t so bad, my love. It allows me to do things more powerful than I otherwise could. It has helped my new friends to stay alive numerous times, truly the taint is more helpful than harmful.

Besides, it was not the taint that tore my soul from my body just for a chat. That was Kellie, she does not have anything to do with the taint. It was not such a bad experience, though. Having died numerous times this was nothing new.

Turning to stone, though. That was new. I do not know much of what happened there, actually. I had been about to attack the man who had ambushed us, and suddenly everything went black. I could not move or see or hear, but I was awake and aware. The days of solitude were agonizing, but you know me, I got through it.

I am learning and adjusting, I have gained a lot of new power lately. I am not entirely sure what to do with it. I have already gotten most of my men killed. Only Donal survived, and I had thought I was leaving them in safety. It seems I can make no decisions to keep my men safe.


My Dearest Jenit,

It only worries my because I am not with you and miss you so much. This Kellie is starting to worry me, only the most powerful beings I have heard of can remove someones soul just for a chat and then return it without causing incredible harm to the body of the person. Are you sure you can trust her to do you no harm? Did you make it to Io’s temple? It is no your fault that the men died, sometimes bad things happen even though you have the best of intentions. I am glad to hear that Donel survived though did he tell you what happened? You turned to stone, that sounds dangerous, although since you are writing to me it can only mean that you recovered from the petrification.I am glad to hear that you are gaining some more power to better protect yourself, maybe you no longer need me to be by your side. Do you think you’ll be heading back to the canyon soon?
Stolen and Stoned

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