The Last of the Dragons

Leaving Home

Beloved Caratacus,

Life was starting to get back to normal. I wasn’t ready to marry you, but things were getting back to normal.

Then I was summoned.

Io, the mother, summoned me to her chambers and bestowed a great gift. She gave me one of the last Eggs in the world. She asked me to nurture and care for it as though it were my own child. I could not deny her. Along with me she granted her gift to one of the warforged, he is a very lovely bronze color and I believe his interior is made of material stronger, yet. She also granted her gift to a girl, a very strange girl with a tail and to a beautiful elf naiad boy.

We get on well enough, I suppose, but when we arrived in Soledad another joined our party. She appears to be a young girl in an enchanted cloak. I do not know what she actually is, but a young girl, she is NOT.

She gives me the creeps, Tac. I wish you were here.

You’ll be glad to know that my men are with me, as well. They are in good health and good spirits. We first enjoyed the sights of the city, and partook of its market. We decided, as a group, to put many of the eggs in crates in my old wagon.

It was then, we decided to investigate a lynch mob that seemed to be gathering among the commoners for the purpose of killing a nobleman. The commoners claimed that the nobleman had been going insane and killed many of their number. I could only assume that, if true, he must have been a mage who refused, like me, to draw on the power of dragons. I could not let someone who would sacrifice his own mind for the benefit of dragons to suffer at the hands of these brutes, so I stepped in. I regret to say we were forced to kill many of their number, but you should have seen the stuff they had! My men haven’t been equipped this well in ages!

After that, the Lord felt like he owed us a favor, so he gave use these nifty pins that let us pass over the bridge to the Noble District, he also paid for our rooms for the night.

The next day we heard a few rumors and everybody elected me as their leader. You would have been proud of me, Tac. I sent my men to clear some spiders out of basements. Not very heroic work, I grant you, but it paid well, so I sent them on their mission. When they were done we all headed east to investigate a village for some mage.

The trip took us a week! I’ll tell you more about it in a bit. Love you, Tac.


My Dearest,
I wish I could have been there with you when you got to see the the great mother, Io. I am glad that you have been well since I last saw you. I wish I could be there with you. Is the old wagon holding up? I always knew you would be a great protector of the dragons and all. I am happy to hear the the men are still around to watch over you. The more little work you do for the people the better they view you my dear and that means you will get to be more heroic than ever. Stay safe my love!

Leaving Home

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