The Last of the Dragons


Tac, my love,

My egg has hatched! She is a beautiful copper, just like my mother. I have named her Gaul-Jalan, it means “Glorious Treasure” and she is lovely. Mother says Gaul is her daughter, so it is almost as though she is my sister and my daughter. I can not wait for you to meet her. She is so small, I never imagined dragons could be so small. I am taking her to the Dragon-Temple as soon as I am well enough to travel. In the meantime I play games with her and let her swim in the acid bath.


I can’t wait to see her my dearest. Gaul sounds lovely and I will treasure her. Does this mean you are going to come back soon so I can see her as a wyrmling? I do wish I could be with you. Did your new friend’s dragons hatch as well? Did the creepy little girl have one or is she alone? I hope to see you soon my love.


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