The Last of the Dragons

Dear John...

In which Jenit breaks up with Caratacus

Dearest Caratacus,

I think we both know this has been coming for some time. My life has become far too adventurous for me to settle down to the life you need. You are a governor, Tac. You arrange our people and make sure they are fed and cared for. I do not have the patience for that kind of work. I may have managed it before I had a taste of adventuring, but this adventuring life has taken that from me forever. I will never again be at peace sitting idly in the village, I will always be wondering where the next attack comes from. Where the next treasure is hidden. I can’t help but need to adventure, it is in my nature. Your nature is to sit at home and care for our families, mine is to head out into the world and find excitement.

You do not need to worry about me, Tac, I have friends, now, who will watch over me. They have saved me on numerous occasions. Even when they could not understand me, they stood by me. I’ve gathered powerful pets to protect me. Even when I contracted disease and vomited spiders. When my hair fell out at the roots and my magic fired out of my control, my friends and allies stayed by me. Even death does not separate me from them, as they have already revived me numerous times, and now it seems I have become immune to it. Like the Phoenix I awake after death, emerging from flame.

That rebirth has awakened my mind to the fact that you and I are not moving in the same direction. I hope that this does not change the years of friendship we have built. I hope that we can continue to work together to lead our people to greatness, but, no longer can I do so our your fiancee. I am too firmly wedded to my life of adventuring.

I do love you Caratacus, but only as my dearest friend. I hope you understand.


Brief Synopsis of the session:

We traveled across a bit of desert toward a lake, when we arrived a dire hippo and a couple tortoises attacked us, Jenit made friends with one of the tortoises and we found a baby hippo.

We traveled some more and fought some giant cactus monsters, Jenit got one of them stoned and turned it into a zombie.

We traveled some more and found more tortoises, Jenit went up in flame.

The End.

Dear John...

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