The Last of the Dragons

Burninating the Peasants

Beloved Tac,

We’re back in the city, now. We decided to head back and collect our reward from the mage who sent us to the village. We also checked into another of the rumors we’d heard. Apparently, the commoners had framed a nobleman for murder and we were supposed to clear him. Seemed pretty straight forward so we went to the judge and convinced him to change his verdict. No problem, right? WRONG! He needed us to convince the witnesses to change their stories. So we went to the common district.

Some arson occurred and they were convinced to leave town after telling us the whole plot. Unfortunately, as we left the area the fire had somehow spread and I guess several buildings were destroyed. What can you do, though, yanno? So, we went back and told the judge that it was taken care of. Case closed and nobody had to die this time. _


My love,
Please be careful with your spells dear. Was the arson really necessary dear, sometimes commoners are a great source of knowledge. Commoners seem to often have connections to many forms of knowledge. Do you think you will make it back to the canyon soon, I miss you my love? In reference to your last letter, was it your mother’s voice that called you back, or Io’s voice? This voice is a curious thing.

Burninating the Peasants

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