In the world magic flows from the dragons , tainted from the dragons who chose to live forever when they die and pure from the ones who let nature takes its course, for decades the world has been dominated by the dragons who let nature take it’s course on their aging bodies, however, as the years went by and the dragons who wished to live forever , dracoliches , increased in numbers and the others finally began dieing off , the magic became tainted and any caster that pulls from the surrounding world for their spells risks loosing their grasp on their reality. Io can not allow this to happen so she has chosen heroes from all walks of life to help in the quest to rid the world of the dracoliches and return the magic to its pure form by watching after the last of the dragons in the world. The adventurers will encounter great perils and will have to stop the clans of Thricarcaniss along with killing off the numbers of dracoliches in the world.There have also been rumors of unknown troubles on the southern coasts of the world.

The Last of the Dragons

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